How To Set Up A Blog/Website

Whether you want to make money online, promote your business, find new clients, or just share with the family…. if you’re going to do it online, you’ll need to set up a website. Often, this comes with the various technical hurdles that can be frustrating to many people just getting started.

In this guide, I’m going to boil this down to the absolute basics. If you simply follow this, you’ll get set up with a professional looking website and be ready to roll with your bigger plans.

Why A Blog?

Historically, a blog is simply a form of website where one posts routinely and the posts are shown in chronological order (kind of like a journal). A lot of people still think of it this way. However, things have changed.

Today’s modern blog software is really a full blown content management system. It can be used to power all kinds of different websites, making everything easier to manage without knowing much (if any) HTML code and other potentially confusing languages. In other words, blogging is really for anybody with any kind of modern web presence today. The differences between a “website” and a “blog” are pretty much gone today.

For almost any kind of website you might want, using blog software will make the job a lot easier. Many website elements are as simple as plug-and-play. And there are a LOT of professional designs to choose from – all without paying anybody thousands of dollars to do it for you.

So, why should you bother with a blog?

  • Are you looking to create a modern web presence for your business?
  • Do you want your website set up in such a way as to maximize impact on search engine rankings?
  • Do you want to set up your own membership site?
  • Do you simply want to share with your friends and family?
  • Do you want to share your expertise with the world, help people, and work to turn that into a new income stream for yourself?

Then, THAT’S why you want a blog. Because trying to do these things any other way (in this day and age) is just asking to waste tons of time and money.

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WarningI’ve known many people who have blown THOUSANDS of dollars getting websites set up. Every time, I shake my head and sigh. Because if they only knew how much money they wasted, they’d probably vomit.

Typically, it is a small business owner who doesn’t know how to do anything related to website setup. They think it is really complicated. So, they seek to hire somebody to do it for them. They find somebody to do it, but usually they have this uneasy feeling about it the whole time. And what happens? They spend 4 or 5 figures paying somebody to set up a fairly basic website with a custom layout (which often isn’t even that good).

Truthfully, using the information on this page, you can do it yourself and spend hardly any money at all. And it won’t take you long. And it’ll look better. Don’t hire somebody to set up your site for you when you have no idea what is even being done. You’re just ASKING for them to take advantage of you that way.